Graphic Design

Distinctive graphic designs from logos and styleguides to illustrations.

Does your company’s graphic profile match with your business vision and customer profile?

Whether we're talking about a startup, or an already existing company, an association or a person – We can help you renew or reinforce your brand, core message and digital communication.

Good marketing tells the right kind of message, to the right audience, in the right place, in the best visual way.

Print Design

One of our strengths is book- and packaging design. We craft all kinds printed products, such as business cards, forms, flyers, tapings and fair materials.

Web & UX/UI Design

The creation of a website should always begin with thorough user research in order to create the optimal user experience. Simply put: a good-looking yet accessible and functional website is essential to a company's image, business and visibility.

Illustration & textile design

Diverse illustrations for books and design templates.

Contact information

Tina Ekman

Johannes Ekman Digital Media

Brave Oak AB 559119-4773
Torsåker Trädgårdsmästarvillan,
194 92 Upplands Väsby, Sweden